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Simplicity LifeLink is an all-digital way to sell life insurance, help your clients and work more efficiently.

The future of life insurance sales is here. Join thousands of agents who are placing business more efficiently and quickly with Simplicity LifeLink. Click "Register Now" below and complete the easy online process to get started.

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Some Reasons to Consider Simplicity LifeLink


The Ideal Selling Experience

A friction-free experience for both your client and you. We've reimagined the way you sell life insurance to make it work in a digital world and to make your life easier.


Best-in-Class Advisor Portal

Access a suite of tools and dashboards designed to help you manage and grow your business, better connect with your clients and be more efficient.


Broad Product Suite

Simplicity LifeLink offers a broad suite of term and permanent products, both simplified issue and fully underwritten, to meet every client's needs.


Client Communications

We can help you close cases with our automated client communications, which more effectively move your client through the sales journey resulting in a 38% lift in conversion.

Life Insurance sales are changing. Change with it.

Works for Clients


Mobile-First Designed Application

We've made the process quick and easy for your clients to complete their application online, with only the questions that need answering—nothing more. Prefer to complete it for them? We're flexible.


Entirely Digital Experience

Our no-paper pledge will ensure your clients zip through the process with ease. Complete everything easily online, including e-signing and payments, with just a few clicks.


The Value of Your Advice

Most digital solutions leave the customer out on a limb. Research shows that your clients prefer the ease of transacting online but value and want your help in the process.